MyConstant review

The history of online P2P lending is an interesting one. The first record of online peer-to-peer lending was in 2005. 

However, many have considered the sector to be a shady one, and for good reasons. 

However, decades later, some online P2P lending platforms have completely transformed the industry and changed the reputation of the industry. One of such platforms is MyConstant.

MyConstant is a secured P2P lending platform built for smart crypto investors who want to do more with their money. 

MyConstant promises to help investors on the platform earn up to 4 times more interest rates than a Certificate of Deposit (CD).

A certificate of deposit is a way of earning money in the traditional banking system. You earn interest on the money you’re saving by locking it away for a certain period. 

It is called a certificate of deposit because the bank you locked your money in will give you a certificate documenting the details of the agreement. The details include the amount deposited, interest rate, and how long the money will be locked before you can request a withdrawal.

Withdrawing before the allotted time will attract a penalty. A certificate of deposit is a good way to earn money on your savings, but also a slow way to make good money on your investment. The highest interest rate you can get on your CD is between 0.2 and 1.5% annually, MyConstant offers much more than that.

What is MyConstant?

MyConstant is an online multi-market peer-to-peer lending platform with headquarters in the United States. Just like a Certificate of Deposit, MyConstant allows you to lock your money away for 30, 90 and 180 day fixed-terms. 

On the other hand, MyConstant also has an instant access account. Unlike a Certificate of Deposit, you earn better interest rates and withdraw at any time. This makes investing with MyConstant more flexible.

There are two different investment products offered by the platform with their interest rate ranging from 4% APY to 8% APR (up to 9,6% APR for MCT holders). 

MyConstant makes P2P lending a more fulfilling endeavor and has revolutionized the industry since it introduced more decentralization to an otherwise centralized industry that made too little use of collateral. 

MyConstant is the first online P2P lending platform in the world that gives users control over the amount, rates, and duration of their investment. MyConstant secures every lending work collateral. This protects the investors’ funds and ensures investors never lose their money to a bad loan.


How Peer-to-Peer Lending Works

P2P lending allows you (investor), to lend money directly to other individuals (borrowers) via a P2P lending platform (MyConstant). 

Online P2P lending cuts out the middleman (banks and financial institutions), allowing you (investor) to earn a healthy return on your investment (ROI) on your principal and interest payments while helping people who need the money the most get access to these loans without going through the hurdles of documentation and verifications with banks and traditional lenders.

Most of best p2p lending sites for investors like MyConstant handle the lending process from start to finish and make sure the parties involved (Investors and Borrowers) are satisfied with the process


How MyConstant Works?

MyConstant is regarded as the world’s first secured peer-to-peer lending platform. This is because MyConstant operates in a way that makes it impossible for lenders to lose money and borrowers always get their collateral back when they pay back their loans.

The loans on MyConstant are backed by liquid collateral as opposed to property collateral which isn’t liquid. 

This is how lending on MyConstant works. An investor wants to invest $20,000 for 6 months for up to 9.6% APR, while a borrower who wants a loan has terms that match with yours. The platform pairs you and this borrower. The borrower secures her loan with collateral. This collateral might be ETH or BTC, or any of the other 80+ cryptos the platform supports.

When the borrower repays the loan, the lender gets a return on their investment, while the lender gets their collateral back. 

The entire process is automated by smart contract technology. One amazing feature of MyConstant is the security it provides lenders and borrowers alike.

If borrowers default on their loans, their collateral is automatically sold. What if the value of the collateral falls too much(because of the volatile cryptocurrency market), the collateral is also sold. This man’s investors will get their returns while the borrower keeps the loans without getting their collateral back.

This ensures the lender always gets their principal and profits. That is the MyConstant promise. Borrowers are also protected on MyConstant. 

When you borrow on MyConstant, 30% of your crypto collateral is stored in a third party wallet — ready to be liquidated in case your collateral falls below the 110% threshold or if you recall excess collateral.

The remaining 70% of your crypto is stored in MyConstant hot wallets hosted on a dedicated server that’s insured up to $10 million dollars. Only qualified senior staff members have access to these wallets. Occasionally we’ll move collateral to cold storage, but it depends on the loan term and other operational factors.

This secured loans initiative means no credit score, no lengthy documentation and risk evaluation, and finally no human error. What you get with this online P2P platform is an automatic settlement with no minimum capital and no maximum loan amount. 

That’s why most say MyConstant is P2P lending done right. 

MyConstant Investment Products

MyConstant operates three unique products for its investors. Instant Access is ideal for novice investors, new customers, and investors who need instant access to their funds.

The Crypto-Backed product is ideally suited for experienced investors who want to commit to a fixed-term for a better rate.

The third product on their platform is the Crypto-Lend. This product is suitable for long-term cryptocurrency holders who want to earn a return on their idle assets.

Instant Access

The Instant Access investment plan pays 4% APY on your deposit and you can withdraw anytime without incurring a penalty. It is fondly called the anytime-withdrawal investment account. 

With Instant access, you don’t need to lock in your money but you earn 50times better interest than a savings account. One word for instant access: Flexibility.

Earning with Instant Access means you have to invest your money in a collateralized lending pool where borrowers go to get loans and pay them back with interest. 

Benefits of Instant Access

  • No fees for withdrawal.
  • You can withdraw anytime.
  • You can invest with as little as $10.
  • There is no maximum investment limit.


Crypto-Backed loan is a wee bit different from instant access. Although the former might be more flexible, Crypto-backed is a more reliable investment.

Crypto-Backed can be described as a Constant P2P lending product that guarantees up to 8% APR on fixed terms lasting between 1-6 months.

Just like Instant access, your investment in this product funds a lending pool where borrowers get money and pay interest. The borrower also has to put up about 150-200% of the loan amount in crypto assets as collateral before they get access to the loan. 

Benefits of Crypto-Backed

  • No deposit fees
  • You have flexible terms or durations for withdrawal. It is between 1-6 months
  • Loans are secured by collateral
  • No maximum investment
  • Earn up to 8% APR (up to 9,6% APR for MCT holders)
  • Requires a minimum investment of $50


This is the investment account for cryptocurrencies. With Crypto-Lend, you can invest and withdraw your cryptocurrencies at any time. You can earn up to 15% APY on USDT or USDC. You can also enjoy 4% APY on popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and BNB.

You’ll have to provide liquidity to the various lending pools and exchanges and get paid your interest every second after investing the same cryptocurrency you used to invest.

The investment limit for this product is capped for some cryptocurrencies including:

  • BTC (0.5 BTC)
  • ETH (5 ETH)
  • BNB (50 BNB)

This is meant for the safety of investors’ funds in case their borrowers default on their loans. There are no caps on other cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of Crypto-Lend

  • You can earn 15% APY on your favorite cryptocurrencies.
  • Unlimited withdrawals.
  • No minimum investment.
  • Interest is compounded and paid to investors every second.
  • Available worldwide.

MyConstant’s Native Token – MCT

And lastly, but by no means least – Let’s talk about MyConstant’s recent addition: MCT.

Released in May 2022, MCT represents the latest step in MyConstant’s journey towards building a complete financial ecosystem for digital assets. The platform’s whitepaper declared its intention to become a new bank of the future.

As Web3 takes hold, MyConstant is positioning itself to take advantage of the next stage of digital assets. MCT is designed to help the platform gear itself for the future by allowing its holders to:

  • Earn more: When you invest in our platform using MCT token, you will earn 20% more interest.
  • Cut the cost of borrowing: MCT holders will enjoy up to 40% reduction in borrowing fees on MyConstant.
  • Reduced fees on Crypto Swaps: You will be able to enjoy up to 90% discount on Crypto Swaps fees.
  • Manage all your digital assets in one place: By having MCT tokens, you will be able to fully utilize our platform for borrowing, investing, and even spending – with our MyConstant debit card.
  • Earn 18% APR by staking MCT: By staking MCT tokens, you will also have a say in the development of MyConstant. You can vote on proposals put forward by the community and make proposals yourself. For example, you could propose to increase interest rates and allow the community to vote for or against it.

You can find more information by visiting the MCT membership page on MyConstant.

Signing Up for MyConstant P2P Lending Platform and the Benefits

Signing up on MyConstant is a straightforward and enticing process. Enticing in the sense that you get a whopping $4000 bonus to earn 4% APY over 15 days when you sign up as a US resident. 

After 15 days, MyConstant will reclaim the $4000 bonus but you’ll be free to keep the interest accrued on the bonus. 

So sign up for a free account with just your name and your email, get a $4000 bonus, earn some interest and reinvest your earnings or withdraw it directly to your bank account. 

You can also sign up with your Facebook account. 

For crypto lenders, by signing up through this link, you can earn 10 USDT sign-up bonus when you deposit $100 worth of USDT or USDC and hold for 30 consecutive days

Referral Bonus

MyConstant offers a 10 USDT bonus to you and your referee when they (US resident) register on the platform with your referral link. You get the money once they pass their KYC and lends at least $100 in crypto and holds it for at least 30 days. You can also earn rewards when your referees borrows the equivalent of $500 or more in one or multiple crypto-backed loans.

You also get 10% of their first-year instant access earnings.

Benefits of Investing With MyConstant 

The benefits of investing in MyConstant’s P2P lending platform are too many to mention.


  • You have an iOS and Android App to check your dashboard when you’re not on your computer. 
  • It is available worldwide for everyone with every currency type. The other currencies are converted to the US Dollar on the platform.
  • No fees whatsoever.
  • A vast library of resources to guide you and help you understand the platform fully.
  • 24/7 customer support to help you resolve any issue.

MyConstant – Conclusion 

MyConstant is arguably the number one online P2P lending platform in the world. There are myriads of privileges for investors and borrowers alike. 

Sign up and start enjoying constant interest on your investment, because nothing beats earning passive income.


Yes, surely it is a well-secured platform. Supporting two-factor authentication and it a delightful trading platform to use.

Yes! You will get a whopping $4000 bonus to earn 4% APY over 15 days when you sign up as a US resident.

You can also earn 10 USDT sign-up bonus when you deposit $100 worth of USDT or USDC and hold for 30 consecutive days