How to Gain Direct Exposure to the Demand for Digital Currency? Complete Guide to Invest in Cryptocurrency for Beginners 2022

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Is it possible to get filthy rich investing in crypto in 2022? Yes, but it’s also possible to lose all your money. How can you invest in crypto assets but also remain highly profitable? 

Cryptocurrency is a significant investment if you would like to have direct exposure to the great demand for digital currency. Recently, it came to people’s attention that 55% of US bitcoin possessors got into the cryptocurrency in 2022, which is a mark of rising demand, Grayscale study finds. Investors don’t see crypto as money but as digital gold. Research from Grayscale surveyed 1,000 people in America with ages between 25 and 64. More than ¼ already use bitcoin, and 55% of them got into the token last year. 

Investors are enthusiastic about buying – most bitcoin owners would instead invest through trading apps. Studies show that most investors who began their trading journey this year still hang on to their positions. About 66% of them bought the asset one year ago and still own it today. It’s encouraging to see attitudes to cryptocurrency that continues to rise, although it’s still early for this industry. 

It’s mandatory that all of us remain focused on cultivating the investing public. So, investors across generations can have access to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The majority of bitcoin owners, or best said, 87% of them were found to have more than one digital currency. 91% of those who are trading for gain sold a least some bitcoin, according to the study. Another essential thing to note is that the number of people interested in investing in crypto rose gradually in the past several years. 

Women also find this industry very profitable; thus, the number of women who consider investing in crypto increased by 6% versus last year. 

Why Should You Consider Investing in Crypto?

What should you consider before investing in cryptocurrencies? According to a survey made in June 2021 in Australia, 57% of respondents said that the crucial factor to consider before investing in crypto is self-research. Another significant percentage of people reported that guidance from Forex brokers with high leverage or financial institutions is critical. If you are the type of person who resells shares at a large and quick profit, then choosing a broker with high leverage is your call. But beware, as much as the low margin demands offer an excellent chance to make money quickly, it also creates the possibility to experience heavy losses. Make regular risk calculations before engaging in Forex. 

So, should you invest in crypto? Depending on who to ask. Although there are lots of opportunities to make significant amounts of money, reality hits, and you may find a lot of wrong or insufficient information out there. When combining that with very little oversight, it’s easy to get carried away and lose cash. Don’t get the wrong idea: you don’t want to get driven away by stories “Shiba Inu token holder turns $17 into $5.9 million.” or “How to become an overnight Dogecoin multimillionaire.” But truth be told, there are dozens of people who have made significant amounts of money through cryptocurrency. Still, if you follow a reliable and straightforward blueprint, you’re going to come out profitable. 

With that in mind, here are the top ways to effectively build cash through cryptocurrency, no matter where you’re starting, how much information you already know, and how much you’re planning to invest. Nothing says profit more than cryptocurrency does! 

Risk Versus Award

When it comes to cryptocurrency, you should know that with risk comes an award. Some families sold everything they had to invest in crypto, back when it was $900. If you are crazy by stories about huge gains that provide life-changing amounts of money overnight, it can happen, of course. But you also need to be completely fine with the likelihood that you’re going to lose significant amounts of money, as well. 

A man revealed how one small mistake he couldn’t ever forecast led him to lose the massive amount of $8 million fortune. In fact, recent analysis has shown that how you invest matters most, meaning that if you’re blindly throwing your money into different projects, you only have a 2.5% chance to pick the right one with probabilities severely lowering your returns. 

The Opportunity to Make Millions of Dollars?

Statistically speaking, the coins that drop tend to fall by a lot. In these cases, you can expect to see a decline of at least 90% of your whole investment. It’s worth mentioning this, as for every story you hear about some people earning millions of dollars, they’re likely hundreds of other people who have lost their life savings on crypto and even taking out thousands of dollars in loans to buy more. They’d be a millionaire if they would just keep the money. 

So, if you’re after the biggest returns possible, you shouldn’t be discouraged. But just be aware that, like in casinos, the odds may be against you, and most likely, you may not become the world’s next millionaire. However, the good news is that there are other strategies out there that provide you with an excellent chance to make good money. Even though it might not be 10,000% in returns, but it may still add up a lot. 

Don’t Blindly Invest in Crypto

Everyone believes that investing 1$ in crypto is the recipe to get thousands of dollars in return. The reality is that when you’re reading online articles about people investing in crypto, you don’t know how that person is compensated or if they have a bias that might affect their advice. To some people, years of research might be necessary to feel comfortable and confident with investing in cryptocurrency. It’s up to you to decide if you can speak about this subject accurately, or you’re only talking about it because you want your investments to go higher. 

Instead, choose to listen to someone famous for sharing their ideas and tips on investing in cryptocurrency.

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