About $2.1 Billion in BTC Options Expire on Popular Bitcoin Options Trading Platform

Over 55,000 Bitcoin options contracts valued at about $2.1 billion expired on Friday, according to data from Skew Analytics. Based on the data, Deribit, the most popular Bitcoin options exchange had the largest quantity of contracts that expired, totalling 48,469 bitcoin contracts worth $1.95 billion. By definition, Bitcoin options are derivatives agreements that enable buyers […]

IRS Seeks New Ways to Monitor Activity within Crypto Wallets

The Digital Forensics team of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is on a hunt for the tools for cracking crypto wallets to “tame the cybersecurity research into measured, repeatable, consistent digital forensics processes.” As more of the United States’s populace get enlightened about cryptocurrency and delve into trading and making purchases with crypto assets, the […]

US Tax Proposal Targets Crypto as Federal Reserve Plans to Explore Digital Currency

The US Department of Treasury recently declared in a report on Thursday that “as with cash transactions, businesses that receive crypto assets with a fair market value of more than $10,000 would also be reported on.” The treasury said it was a tax compliance protocol, further stating that cryptocurrency was increasingly becoming a way for […]

Fast-rising Cryptocurrency Internet Computer Hits $45 billion Market Cap in 4 Days

Decentralized cloud company Dfinity’s Internet Computer project has already gotten the cryptocurrency world buzzing with excitement after its launch about a week ago. Internet Computer (ICP) token made a grand entrance into the blockchain world by ranking #4 on CoinMarketCap, barely 4 days after it launched with a total market capitalization of $34.6 billion. Still, […]